Things to do for 1.3

To Dave and Nick,

I sat together with XXXX of XXXXX’s operational training facility, who teaches WISE and MCCIS and took, a look on 1.3R1 Orca 13201.36 wich is the 22nd July build

As requested here are the results of the german jury:

We noted the following, mainly minor, issues:

  • Import:
    There is no way to import WISE 1.2 export files into a 1.3 WISE. Allthough the update works as advertised, importing WISE 1.2 .wexp Files results in a “…. either corrupt or invalid file format…..” message. That might be a major issue in ISAF when Backups or Archives need to be relaunched into a 1.3 site.
  • Bulletin Board:
    Management of topics is not possible due to a role and rights problem: “….no permission, login as another user….”
  • Layout function (1):
    Change of pagelayout is not reflected in the contentlayout view: Change from 3 column to 2 column layout should make the 3rd column indicate “hidden” and be of gray background color.  Also the “hidden” column is not greyed either as has been in 1.2
  • Layout function (2):
    Top and bottom rows are very picky about the dropzone for content items. If the cursor points somewhere on the blue header bar, one has to hit the title to be able to drop the object. If you stay below the line everything is fine.
  • Ticker:
    The Items per feed config issue has been fixed perfectly. Unfortunately only the WISELET in list view adheres to the preset. In WISELET ticker view, still all feed items are displayed. That is also true for the full view of the feed items.
  • Web directory:
    I didn’t check in 1.3, but it just stroke me:
    The Web Directory allways provides RSS from the root. Whereas you can call a category directly via URL-link, it would be a big architectural advantage for a sitebuilder, if the /rss would start from the given URL down the tree.
    Aka: if I call <server/webdirectory object/category/rss> I only get the content from that level downwoard in the feed.
    (Its on my Xmas whishlist)
  • Make Relative:
    still works, which I think is good. There may be a missleading wording in the issuetracker that suggests this feature to be taken out. If that is so: don’t.
  • Current User:
    The current User is shown left of the happy face on the global Menue. Although this is the appropriate place, we found that it would be better to highlight this from the Menue Items shown further left.
    Either a double instead of a single  pipe as devider, or use of the same green color as the happy face would seem helpfull to prevent mixups.
  • Sitemap:
    The Sitemapobject shows all Site/page objects in the hierachy.
    For architectural reasons some objects may be placed in “hidden” Area of the layout, not to be used directly or seen by the common user. Sitemap however reveals all “secrets”.
  • Favorites:
    Add a bookmarklet to header, left of the Meta Icon (I´ll provide one we use in ours if you like), to save the current page to windows (IExplorers) Favorites (could be considered a double feature to mywise however….)
    Or implement the Luxury version:
    save bookmark to a WebDirectory category selectable by user. (Social Networks, here come’s the WISE)
  • Community Files:
    The actual Community files provides a tree-view, which is helpful. Unfortunately it still lacks the RSS feature of the NC3A WISE File System.
  • Users:
    We would appreciate an additional column in the User-Listing, showing the Groups, this user belongs to, or equivalent a list of users, that belong to a group, or a highlighting of users in the user list , that belong to the selected group in the group listing.

Other than that, I envy your success in using apache as a load balancer. I promise to take a closer look into multiple servers setup some time soon.

Thank you very much for all the magnificent work you put into WISE and for picking up my (our) suggestions.
I still believe that there is no other product available, combining flexibility, ease of use and availability of complex features to build operational information portals, like WISE. And it keeps getting better. Keep on rockin’..

(maybe, I need to get a test version of  the application builder ) ;-D

regards to all the Staff at San Diego

Michael (Mickey) Maass

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