Outsourcing the Userbase

Since a customer is looking into upgrading his WISE 1.1 installation I was asked to confirm the availability of active directory as a userbase in WISE 1.3.

The short story: confirmed.

But seriously… I put up a win2003 Server out of the box on a VM and added a group wiseuser as well as a new user michaelmaass to the directory.

After installing WISE 1.3 build June 2nd 2009 (in this case on the same machine) I was able to add an additional Account (aka userbase) to the WISE usermanagement.


There is an option of three types.

  • WISE Userbase
  • LDAP
  • Active Directory

I chose AD

WISE13-Active Directory Account 2

and ended up being able to assing WISE Roles (Siteadmin, Manager, User) to these on a WISE container.

WISE13-Active Directory Groups and Users as WISE Userbase-3

So for starters this looks like a winner in Single Sign On. We now only have to do all the usermanagement in active directory and make heavy but structured use of hierarchical grouping.

as allways: WISE things to do….

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