Container Bugs

Hi everybody

I was working with the RSS functionality heavily, reusing data from containers and other objects on situation awareness pages in an HQ exercise Environment (nice Beta testing ;-)).
I was messed up however by a design feature of the container object in 1.2R2 that assumes, that everytime you add an object to a container, you change the sortorder (by adding it to the bottom of the list of objects) and naturaly (i peeked the code) sets the containers sortorder to custom.
From an operational point of view however I wanted the Objects to be sorted last in modified descending to be able to pick the (now) first aka newest entry from the container in an RSS tool to display on another page. ( Uploaded Messages in this case)
No problem, go to the TIDE repository pick the container source hack it and recompile by just copying the modified container script into the product folder….. I thought.
Now besides the hack would have been very crude, just setting the sortorder to a fixed value, I found out that the resulting .pyc with or without the modification was only about half the size of the original… and thus (or for whatever else reason) not working.
Since I hacked the RSSInterface object the same way to add/change the encoding to ISO and relocating the required dtd, I knew it should have worked …..

Q: did the source in 1.2R2 in the repository change from the fielded version ?? If not, what is the reason of the difference in size of the pyc

Q: can you add an issue to the tracker for 1.3A1/2 to remove the mentioned design feature since it overrules any prior design decision by the siteadmin on the sortorder of a container and is thus “illogic”

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