As I stroll through WISE 1.3 (nightly from 20th May) I noticed some functionalities not working.
The ones I´ll write about today are connected to the RSS functionality and the related products in WISE. RSS is one of the most important features of WISE, because it allows reuse of WISE Object information as well as the dynamic plugin of external Information sources. Web 2.0 or the smell thereoff at your fingertips.

No. 1 is an old foe:
Internet Explorer does not accept WISE Objects as dynamic Links to add to the Dynamic Linklist. I guess it will be the same for other feedreaders as it has been in WISE 1.2 R2, allthough I didn´t test it.
The other problem was, that Feeds containing special characters provoked “Broken Link” states due to unallowed characters. Unfortunately in German, special characters are kind ´a common.
The corrective action is, to get the Source for the RSSInterface.py from tide.act.nato.int/sd/wise and patch it as has been described earlyer in this blog (I believe?!) If not:

  1. delete the !Doctype – Statement referencing the DTD, this is to enable feeds to be added to the dynamic linklist in Internet Explorer (or else)
  2. extend the xml version  statement by encoding = “iso-8895-1” or whatever works for you. This takes care for special characters

No. 2 is new, as it concerns the Ticker product.
Ticker did not accept feeds from the outside (supposedly due to illegal characters) This Bug had been fixed in a patch, that did not make it into the nightly build I was using (most probably to the status, the patch was in) I copied the source from http://tide.act.nato.int/sd/wise/browser/branches/orca/Wise/NAWPPS/Ticker/RssProvider/RssProvider.py into the Ticker-RssProvider Folderl, restarted and everything was fine.

If you have questions about this, feel free register and comment.

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