BRITE 1.1.2 continued…


I am checking out the Products as they come down the list.

First WISE thing to know: do stick to Internet Explorer. The first App that doesn´t work is the Chart Product, which will not let Firefox save the Table Data correctly.

If you are past that hurdle. The resulting chart will be displayed left-aligned within the WISE-Let in dimensions given in the properties menue. From my point of view, this would better be centered default.

The RSS Site:

While checking out, if the Chat was given rss capability, I noticed two points.

the URL to the rss-source is automaticly shortended to a relative link, if the rss-server is the same as the Client-Site. That is good, because it minimizes the chance of the long link error, that could occur in earlyer Versions.

What I didn´t expect however, was that the RSS Object can subsequently not be saved. Error: Object has no attribute “link”

An erronious RSS -Site Object is not shown as WISELet. Not good, because there is no hint wether a service has disappeared or a network problem has occurred while retrieving the Feed. The old Version showed a”Broken Feed” Message : better.


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