While you where out….


In preparation of my retirement, I am taking all my vacation (44 working days) before I return to clean out my office.

While I´m out of office and communicate through my mobile messenger with the rest of the team onece in a while, I find them to be very creative modding our information portal. Here is the latest:

The WISE bulletin board object´s rss feed provides, besides the normal stuff, the full body text, if “text” is selected under the properties page. We thought this to be a “bug”!


The rss is ment to give the reader an Idea of the content behind the link, not the full blown information package, so the feed should show the synopsis, not the full text.


That is actually quite simple to change:

The file to manipulate is:


In Line 23, exchange

<dtml-var body>


<dtml-var synopsis>

Now in WISELET View the Synopsis is shown, condensing the body´s content which can be read / viewed, clicking on the Headline Title.

What else

I believe there is no other Feedproducing object, that suses Synopsis. p

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