I’ve been looking for…….

latest news over our efforts to please the searchengine of our Company wide intranet search.


We are trying to make things easy on our companies big search engine.
The Spider, called Collector here, does have heavy problems to get sense out of a dynamicaly generated WISE Site.

Since we do have the requirement to search for information across our 150 somewhat sites, and I want to free my team from becomming search engine experts and get all the sh…. because a search does not report links that make sense to the user, we decided to talk to our companies search expert.

We learned, that the best way for him would be, if we produced a flat ContentMap for him to send his collector on with search depth 1

With help from Nic from wonderful southern California, we produced a SearchList that lists all the Rootwebs (aka SITES) in our installation and produces a Link to the on SITE SiteSearch Object, passing parameters for an advanced search.

How it´s done

The SearchList will be offered to the collector in syntax: SERVER_URL/SearchList

Search depth =2 should build an Index over all selected content.

The hip thing is, that a Contentmanager can control, what of his Sites Content will be available to search by adjusting the meta-data of their Objects.

Now we are facing a new aera of content discovery….

Here is the Source of the SearchList generator

<dtml-var standard_html_header>
<h2><dtml-var title_or_id> <dtml-var document_title></h2>
This is the <dtml-var document_id> Document
in the <dtml-var title_and_id> Folder.
<dtml-in “objectValues(‘Rootweb’)”>
<li><a href=”<dtml-var SERVER_URL>/<dtml-var id>/SiteSearch/formSubmit
<dtml-var id>
</ul><dtml-var standard_html_footer>

An .zexp (Searchlist zum importieren)file is attachted for import into your site

A follow up will be posted, once we get feedback from our searchmaster.

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2 Responses to I’ve been looking for…….

  1. michaelmaass says:

    To import the SearchList.zexp (that is hidden in the downloadable ZIP File, you have to place it into the Import folder in c:\program files\wise or the german equivalent …programme…
    Then go to the management interface of zope and import the .zexp into the root directory of your zope installation. Now (or after a Zope(WISE) restart you should be able to call http://servername/SearchList and get a link to all Site Searchobjects on your installation.

    For any questions, register and comment. I’ll be watching you for
    more…….. WISE Things to do.

  2. michaelmaass says:

    If you need to shorten the List of Arguments, you can omit the d_FIELDNAME= arguments but have to keep the d_FIELDNAME_wformat= Arguments. OtherWISE you´ll get a ZOPE Error.
    If you want to enter multiple selections, where the wformat is multiple+selection, you can repeat the d_FIELDNAME= line as neccessary


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