Announce RSS – Feeds within HTML Head Section

I´ve been working on, and got stuck, trying to put an Iteration into the header file that enters a Line

<link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”” href=”” />

for each rss issuing Object within the presented Page. Be it a Subweb or a container.

This will present rss feeds to Feedreeders like RSSOwl or the RSS Function in IE7 / or Outlook for subscription. A fairly important issue in therms of operational Informationmanagement at little cost of making it work (if somebody other than me tried it….;-)

I got stuck at a point where all objects where prudently aquiring the rss method from its parent. I.e. all objects in a container, if not rss capable by themselves, had an /rss method….. that of the parent container.

Nick gave me ha hint to ZOPE Book 2.7 which I post here even before I try again to work that.

I will continue once we have got the clustering issues out of the way.

Here is Nics hint for reference;

…For the rss you are facing Zope’s Acquisition problem, this link should help with explicity checking for an rss method in dtml…..

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