TIDE Sprint 08

Embeded into the TIDE SPRINT 08 in Elde (NL) was one day of “operational use of WISE”.

We met with the “Makers” and discussed some of the neccessary changes within the 1.3 Functionalities to improve reliability and stability of a WISE based Information Architecture. Some of which I tend to discuss in this place.

It was a very productive day. We discussed future installation options to make a WISE installation most flexible in regard to robustnes and scalability.
Without jumping ahead, one could figure an installation that utilizes an enterprise install with ZEO features on a single machine. Than there could be an option for advanced setups comprising one or more extra processor cores or physical Machines for failover 24/7 and loadbalancing features.

Let your mind fly.

We agreed to carry on the investigations on an acceptable cluster setup for 1.2R2 and 1.3 to come.

More to read on these Pages or the TIDEPEDIA http://tide.act.nato.int (search for WISE)

….. more WISE things to do…..

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