Meta Data to the Rescue – Help the Search Engines


For the sake of external searchengines, it is neccessary to enclose available Meta Data into the <head> section of a webpage.


Based on the fact, that a fairly large information portal will have to be separated into multiple sites for acceptable performance, it is vital for accessablity of the information to provide an overarching search mechanism. There are multiple costy and not so expensive options, starting with a google search appliance on one end down to php script type solutions, not to forget the IBM/Yahoo edition of the Omnifind engine (wich I planned to test with WISE for years).

These Spiders mainly rely on site content as well as meta-information that is historicaly placed in the <head>tag of a html page. Since WISE collects, or is able to store Meta Data with any object, it is more than sensible to make that data available to an external Search Engine.


Following a request from TIDE Sprint 07 for this feature, ACT programmed a loop into the wise_html_header.dtml, that does the job very nicely.

<!–start iterating over MetaValues of Object–>
<dtml-in metaDisplaySort mapping>
<dtml-if “mode == ‘r’ or mode == ‘w'”>
<meta name=”&dtml-id;” content=”<dtml-wvar name=”%value” fmt=”%type”>”>
<!–end of itearation over MetaValues of current Object–>

This nicely works for WISE 1.2R2 allso.


For some unknown reason, this code triggers a programming flaw in Container and Imagelet Objects to show up, which I have described earlyer.

So standby for ….

WISE things to do……

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