Casual discovery – Container and Imagelet behaving strange

Like mentioned in earlier posts on MetaData use (check the Tags) it was found to be usefull to publish the existing MetaData within the html-head of a WISE Page for use by external search engines.

This was picked up by ACT and elegantly integrated as a dtml iteration on the metaValue types, producing the required <meta-tag>.

Unfortunately (or not) somehow, this triggered a flaw to appear within the properties view of the Imagelet and the container objects.

The Description (text)area of both (as of other Objects) normaly holds html formated text, rendered in one, source in the other view. An image-map set of buttons above the field helps formatting the entered text within the rendered view and switch between the two view modes.

Using the Meta-in-Header Hack now, makes the named objects show two textareas where one holds the html source of a description (works fine) while the otherone, that should show the rendered view just shows an “undefined” statement.

Since this is the case in 1.3A1 and can be replicated in 1.2R2 (with an accordingly modified header) but only within the two mentioned objects, I suppose, that the glitch can be identified i.e. by comparing the relevant dtml with the HTMLLET.

WISE things to do……..

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