Recommendations for WISE Improvement

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This is an overview of how behavioral analysts would want to add / change functionality and design of the portal software. Use it as a guideline:

This page will serve as a repository for WISE improvement recommendations. It is based on our collective experience as well as feedback received while conducting Eye Tracking experimentation. This page will ALWAYS be a work in progress. Proposals need to be transformed into ‘tickets’ to be implemented by the WISE development team[WISE Tickets].


  • Title bar options for objects given to user
  • Pages “Auto-refresh” when new data added
  • Cursor consistently changes to hand icon on all hotspots
  • Page Layout tied to user log-in similar to My WISE. Give the user “Drag & Drop” capabilities
  • Selectable font
  • Allow page lay-out/color Scheme be selectable for each subweb level.
  • Color Palette
  • Ability to create Template pages
  • Skin changes for different type of displays ie large screen, desktop PDA etc.
  • the “i” icon shows meta data whereas that icon more universally indicates information – need to change icon or add something that automatically goes to help
  • On the first page the same menu choices appear twice and thus users waste time searching two menus that are the same
    You should not be able to scroll away from the navigation bar/menu. It should be part of a fixed frame on the page.

Tool Improvement

  • Give access to help (User docs) on menu (navigation?) bar
  • Search accross sites and into documents without user having to type up metadata.
  • Create 2 categories of WISE objects in pull down window (1- Available Objects, 2-Reference Documents).
  • Help and Search should be automatically available from all pages
  • When data resides within one object in WISE, it should possible to link to that data instead of having to update multiple places manually.
  • Search should apply to all objects including community files.
  • A progress indicator should be used when files/maps load to give a reasonable estimate of wait time.
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