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Hi there again,

Long time no read…
You might say that I’ve been busy. And that is right. After leaving my cosy position with the Navy, struggling to get all my exams right, I now look forward to the biggest challenge for the time being: the Bachelor Thesis.

What will it be about? You might want to take a guess. Several topics have been tickling my mind up to now:

  • metadata
  • archiving content while maintainig the above with it
  • situational awareness and understanding
  • object oriented storage and retreival of information (objects)
  • linking Information in a graph
  • content management systems in general

I wouldn’t start to write about that here if I wouldn’t figure that WISE could and should play a role in all this.
So stay tuned as I will enroll my ideas before you and see if some or any combination of the above will make a decent thesis for me.

A lot of WISE things to do…


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