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Feeds to the Rescue

What Webservices are the meat of efficient IT-supported Informationmanagement. Some 5 Objects within native WISE 1.2R2 do provide RSS 0.9 feed information if called with the suffix /rss in the URL. That are: Container Calendar Bulletin board Notices Web Directory … Continue reading

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Bug fixing – Meta-data in HTML Header

Nic Channon picked up on my report of a bug that was imminent to Version 1.2R2 and 1.3 when putting the iteration for meta-data into the Header File. (see my earlyer discussion) the Issue has obviously been fixed and 2 … Continue reading

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Announce RSS – Feeds within HTML Head Section

I´ve been working on, and got stuck, trying to put an Iteration into the header file that enters a Line <link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”” href=”” /> for each rss issuing Object within the presented Page. Be it a Subweb or … Continue reading

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Recommendations for WISE Improvement

aus Tidepedia, der freien Wissensdatenbank. Sorry Nancy, I stole this from your This is an overview of how behavioral analysts would want to add / change functionality and design of the portal software. Use it as a guideline: This … Continue reading

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